2023 Annular Solar Eclipse - USA Map - NASA Pinhole Projector
2023 Annular Solar Eclipse - USA Map - NASA Pinhole Projector

Download the Zip file which includes the 2D Paper Cut and the 3D Print versions of the US annular eclipse map, along with activity directions for engaging learners. For specific file usage be sure to review the READ.me.

Get ready for the annular solar eclipse on Saturday, October 14, 2023! Everyone in the 48 contiguous United States will be treated to a PARTIAL solar eclipse. The percentage of the Sun that is covered by the Moon's shadow depends on your location on the map. Observers on the "90% line" of the map will experience an ANNULAR solar eclipse. Celebrate this solar eclipse safely by making either your own 2D Paper Cut or 3D Printed Pinhole Projector. To learn more about eclipses explore solarsystem.nasa.gov/eclipses/2023

This product is supported by the NASA Heliophysics Education Activation Team (NASA HEAT), part of NASA's Science Activation portfolio.

3D Printing

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