Hypatia Rille - Apollo
Hypatia Rille - Apollo

AS10-31-4537 (May 1969) --- This near vertical photograph taken from the Apollo 10 Command and Service Modules shows features typical of the Sea of Tranquility near Apollo Landing Site 2. HOLD PICTURE WITH PRONOUNCED LINEAR FEATURE PARALLEL TO LEFT MARGIN. The proposed landing area for Apollo 11 (Lunar Landing Site 2) is a relatively smooth maria area in the upper right quadrant of the photographed area. Apollo 10 traveled from the bottom to the top of the picture. The prominent linear feature at left is Hypatia Rille (called "U.S. 1" by the Apollo 10 crew). The prominent crater centered in Hypatia Rille at top left is Moltke AC (code name "Chuck Hole"). Moltke, the prominent crater to the right of Hypatia Rille, is centered near 24.2 degrees east longitude, and 0.6 degrees south latitude.

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