For printing using FDM, this model requires only a single-extruder machine. No support material needs to be generated. Print using white ABS plastic. The main reflector dish requires an 8-inch print platform, but all the other parts may be printed on a 4-inch platform.

Assembly Instructions
  1. Set your slicer and/or printer to print each part WITHOUT any "raft" below the part. Use the following configuration settings:
  2. Print each of the six files (without rafts or support material). There will be a total of ten parts.
  3. Weld the waveguide into position on the bottom of the Upper Alidade as shown:
  4. Use a tiny amount of acetone to make your welds in the ABS plastic. Less than a drop is enough for welding the waveguides together. Use a needle applicator like this one, available from plastics supply stores or art supply stores:
  5. Fit the Lower Alidade into place, oriented as shown, matching up the corner slots and pegs. Weld with a drop of acetone at each corner. The waveguides will begin to form their "periscope." No need to weld the waveguides together.
  6. Weld the Counterweight onto the Elevation Assembly trusses. Make sure to line up the "teeth" of the Elevation Gear. Note for a future step: the blue arrows point to the Elevation Bearing pintles.
  7. Bend the Main Reflector around on itself to make a cone. Ridges face outside. Overlap, weld, and clamp as shown. Give it plenty of time to cure before unclamping; overnight might be a good amount of time.
  8. Fit the Subreflector Support (it looks like a little 4-legged table) down over the apex of the Quadrapod and weld in place. Weld the flat side of the Subreflector dome onto the four support legs.
  9. Once the Main Reflector has cured thoroughly, remove the clamp(s). You might need to adjust it into an even cone shape by heating carefully with a hair drier and pressing gently onto a flat surface. Once you're satisfied with its shape, fit it onto the Elevation Assembly as shown, and weld in place with drops of acetone.
  10. Center the Quadrapod into the Main Reflector with the Subreflector directly above the central waveguide hole. Rotate the rectangular base so that its longer dimension is in line with the Counterweight. Now gently clip off the rectangular support, being very careful not to break the delicate Quadrapod. Weld the four feet onto the Main Reflector.

    Clip the Elevation Bearing pintles into the Upper Alidade (see yellow arrow), and you're done.
  11. Oh. One more thing. Set the whole thing down onto the Aximuth Track, matching up the center waveguides.